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 A collection of all my fics in one spot!

One shot:

Secret Santa: Try Again
"Uh... I  swear this turned out a lot angstier than I originally planned... But I promise you it has a happy ending (and that's what matters, right?) 
Merry Christmas Clash!!!"

Sechsy chad: Painless
"this is very short, and loosely based on the first episode of UHC 22."

Single Malt Scotch: Solace
"Kurt, once a wanderer, has settled down into a lonely life in a small house at the top of a bluff. Zisteau, on the run, is looking for somewhere peaceful to escape his past."

[Humour] Prompt Swap: The Moose

 "For the prompt swap, I was assigned curlycue. I chose this prompt:

- Pause wakes up with a moose in his bed. (referenced from the Canada Stereotypes prank on Adlington, here.)"

Prompt Swap: Snow
"I got horusscope's prompt: The eternal rain on Mindcrack becomes eternal snow and hail, covering the world in layers and layers of snow."

Prompt Swap: Lava Bucket Gone Wrong
 "My prompter was hidgerknight! The prompt I chose was 'Vechsteau, Lava Bucket Gone Wrong'.
(I took it in kind of a weird direction, forgive me. I wasn't quite sure how to interpret this)"

Prompt swap: A Clear Heart
"For this prompt swap my prompter was writeitinsharpie, and I decided to do a (sort of) combination between two of her prompts:
#2. Some good ol' Vechsteau or SMS on the rocks. 
#9. A lot of Mindcrackers have a crush on one other Mindcracker. Then the Mindcracker reveals that he/she's aromatic asexual." 

[Adventure/gen]Prompt swap: The Adventurer's Eye
"For this one I got the_mysterious_m and chose the prompt
"Paul and Vechs going on an adventure. I just want something with these two." "

[Humour] Drabble: Moustache Emoji
"basically we played a drabble game on skype and i had to write something based on our theme (fire) andthe skype mustache emoji (movember) 
its just a memey shitpost i dont know"


Stuck With You
"Vechs and Blame relive their Space Engineers days whilst stuck in the Nether."

(these are in reverse chronological order; that is to say, they go from most recent to least.)

Offstreet Angels [ongoing]
"When Blame tries to escape his dreary life in the grim city of Carling, he chases an old fairytale across universes to find the tiny world of Offstreet. There he finds the beautiful, serene world of the Angels."
Part 1: Rings 
Part 2: Home
Part 3: Scars
Part 4: Sympathy
Part 5: Connections
Part 6: Sight
Part 7: Changes 
Part 8: Passion 
Part 9: Between

Blood and Gold [ongoing] has a masterpost of its own!
"A group of thieves travel to the infamous city of Corax, known for its wealth and corruption. But juggling emotions is difficult when trying to constantly evade the law, and rifts will form..."

Divided By Hostilities [completed]
"The people of two rival kingdoms, constantly torn apart by war, are faced by forces much stronger than they are."


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